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50 Athletes Over 50 Book Just Went to Print

by Don

I’m super excited to announce that my book, which seems like it has been “upcoming” for a very long time, just went to first printing. I hope to get this small batch back in a few weeks for final review before volume printing, when the book can be ordered on-line.

50 athletes over 50 by Don McGrath

There has been so much happening and I thought I’d share some of it in this post. Just yesterday I interviewed Sandy Scott on ustream and you can listen to the interview where he tells us how he got started cycling, how he came back from breaking his neck to breaking cycling records, and what he has in store for the cycling world in the upcoming year. Listen to it here

In research for my book, I discovered that our ability to enjoy physical play can be an important aspect of staying strong and healthy as we age. This recent article talks about Playgrounds in London designed for older people. Really cool idea! Don’t you think we should have some here in the US?

I was recently interviewed by the Fort Collins Coloradoan and I thought readers of this blog might enjoy the interview at

The Winter olympics starts Friday! I love watching the Winter Games. I hope you all enjoy watching, but don’t slack off in your workouts.

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