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50 Athletes Over 50 Update

by Don

Thought I’d share some interesting happenings with people involved with my 50 Athletes Over 50 book Project.

First, I added a page that you might find useful to find profiles of athletes I have featured on this site over the past several months. It is a list of the athletes I interviewed, with links to the blog post they were featured in. This will make it easier to find older posts.

I also now have a facebook page for my book Become a fan if you want to stay up on what’s happening with my book. You can also follow me on twitter

Back in November I featured a profile of Sid Howard, a 70 year old runner. Recently Sid ran a race in Bermuda that he has run for 31 consecutive years. You can read an article about the race and Sid at

Linda Quirk, whom I featured back in September of last year is preparing to run four of the world’s deserts this year and has begun blogging. You should visit her blog at and poke around the rest of her site run7on7. Linda shares all kinds of great training and nutrition information for ultra-endurance challenges. She works for a great cause, the Caron Foundation and you can make a donation at

I just got through working with Dr. Vonda Wright MD who is an Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Director of the UPMC Center for Sports Medicine’s PRIMA programs for Masters Athletes at the University of Pittsburgh on a chapter she is writing for my upcoming book 50 Athletes Over 50 Teach Us How to Live a Strong, Healthy Life, due out in March.  Vonda was recently elected to the International council on Active Aging [ICAA] visioning board. ICAA supports professionals who develop wellness and fitness facilities and services for aging adults. The visioning board will drive ICAA 2020, an initiative set up to create a vision for the future of aging people.

With people like Vonda helping shape the medical profession’s approach to healthy aging, I’m sure we will all benefit tremendously.

The 50-k Active/Athlete Challenge broke 300 members in January and I’m working to get at least 50 members by the end of March. I have had lots of good feedback on a article I posted recently on the Challenge website where I propose that we make 2010-2019 the Play Decade. Check it out!

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