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50 interviews completed, and by the way, does anyone know Jack Lalanne?

by Don

On Friday September 25th at noon, I interviewed Suzy Devers who is an in-line and ice speed-skater. Suzy is the 50th athlete over 50 that I have interviewed, and this is a major milestone for me and this project. My first interview took place on May 26th with Carl Bamforth, also an in-line skater interestingly enough. Doing the interviews has been an amazing journey for me. I have learned a great deal from the athletes I’ve interviewed, and I also feel like I’ve made a bunch of new friends around the world. One of my dreams for this book, is that it is successful enough to enable me to travel around and meet the athletes I’ve interviewed. I want to thank each and every one of them in person for changing my life.

So, please celebrate this milestone with me in whatever way works for you, whether it be high-fives, the Wave, yelling woo-hoo…whatever! For me it’s high-fives, so here’s a virtual high-five to all of you!

Now, the focus for me is taking the interview content, analyzing it, and synthesizing it into a book. I hope to publish the book by March 2010.

OK, topic shift. Several of the athletes I’ve interviewed mentioned Jack Lalanne by name in their interview. In my eyes, Jack Lalanne is to US health and fitness, what Elvis Presley was to rock and roll music. It is one of my dreams to meet Jack and work with him on a forward to my book. I mailed Jack a copy of my first book, and hope he responds. I’m sure Jack is a very busy guy, because even at 94 years old he’s got a lot going on. To improve my odds of reaching Jack, I’m trying to find someone who knows him. I thought I’d reach out to those who read my blog to see if anyone knows Jack and would be willing to make an introduction for me. I will give an autographed copy of my final book (along with eternal gratitude) to the person who knows Jack Lalanne and puts me in touch with him.

I’ve received a few updates from athletes I’ve interviewed and I thought I’d pass them on.

Jerry Smartt sent this link to an interview he did while at the World Masters Championships in Finland.

Don Ardell, who I interviewed last week won the Triathlon World Championship Title in the 70-74 age group, and sent me this podium photo.  Congrats Don!

Don Ardell, World Triathlon Champion

Don Ardell, World Triathlon Champion

Don has written many books on Wellness, and during our interview, Don explained to me that the world’s great philosophers have a lot to teach us about athletics and wellness. Nietzsche talked about how suffering is required in order to achieve great fulfillment, and sports provides that for many of us. This really got me thinking.

Sid Howard, who I interviewed last week, won the World Championship 1500 meter title in Lahti, Finland back in August. Sid is an amazing guy and I can’t wait to share his profile in an upcoming blog. You can read an interview with Sid by Runner’s World at Scroll down to “A Brief Chat with Sid Howard.”

I’ve begun to put more effort into getting the 50-k Active/Athlete Challenge ramped, and some things are really beginning to click. I plan on having a launch event in Fort Collins, Colorado on October 24th,  which will feature a multi-media video I’ve been putting together. This video features some of the athletes I’ve interviewed, and I’m very excited about it. I will share it on this blog shortly after the 24th. I’ve had great response to the 50-k T-shirts that are available at the store. Cheryl Ragsdale who is a student at the Florian Martial Arts Center, in Boston, MA really likes them and emailed me the following photo and posted on her blog about the 50-k Challenge

Cheryl and crew in 50-k T-shirts

Cheryl and crew in 50-k T-shirts

If you think the 50-k Active/Athete Challenge is  a worthwhile crusade, one of the ways you can support it (after joining on of course) is by purchasing a T-shirt at, taking a creative photo of yourself doing your thing, and emailing it to I really appreciate the support and will use it on the website.

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Cheryl September 28, 2009 at 9:28 am

Hi Don,
Thanks for posting this photo of me with the boys at Florian’s. We love the t-shirts and the 50-k challenge! But um, I’m a student, not a teacher. Keith will get a big kick out of that! haha!

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