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A Big Week – Playing More

by Don



Wow, what a week. This week I had a book launch in Fort Collins, attended a P90X meetup, was interviewed for the 50UP! TV program out of Boulder, and gave a talk at the Fort Collins Aspen Club.

The highlight was hearing how people are being inspired by my books, blogs, and talks. I had many people tell me this during this past week and I cannot tell you what that feels like for me.

Last Sunday I posted about a Playshop I held, where people were able to reconnect with their instinct to play. It was fantastic and I’ve had so much positive feedback on it that we are now working on a corporate pilot version as well as a second pilot to refine the playshop. Really fun and exciting.

We also created a Playgroup meetup in Fort Collins. This meetup will meet once a month to play games like Red Rover, Kick The Can, Hide and Go Seek, and other fun games. We’re encouraging young and old alike to come and play.

If you live in Northern Colorado, I hope you’ll join us. The first one in April 20th. If you are not in Northern Colorado, I encourage you to set up your own Playgroup meetup. We all need to play and what better way that to do so as a group.

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