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Barb Page – Retirement means more time to train

by Don

The following is a brief profile of one of the interviewees in the upcoming book, Dream It, Live It, Love It. The full intreview and insights gained by the author will be shared in the book to be published later this year. To see future interviewee profiles via email and to stay updated on the status of the book, use the widget at the bottom right of this page to subscribe.

Barb in Her First Marathon

Barb in Her Fourth Marathon

Barb More Recently

Barb More Recently

Barb Page is a 71 year old runner and Nordic skier who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska. Barb is a retired high school chemistry teacher who, when asked by her students what she would do when she retired at age 67, told them she was going to get back in shape and do a marathon once again. She shocked those kids, I’m sure.

When Barb grew up in the 1950s, there were not many opportunities for women in sports. Barb played basketball in high school, and was even made captain of the team her senior year. She went on to play on the girl’s varsity basketball team in college, but did not get a varsity letter because at the time, girl athletes were not eligible for varsity letters.

While teaching in Alaska, Barb was introduced to Nordic skiing by a fellow teacher, and she has skied ever since. In 1966, a friend asked Barb to hike the Fairbanks Equinox Marathon with her, and Barb finished in 11th place. She figured that if she could place 11th by walking, maybe she could do really well if she ran. Barb ran the same marathon a year later. Barb continued to run and ski off and on from that point on, and in 2005 kicked her training into gear when she retired. Barb’s log shows that she skied 377 miles in the winter of 2005/2006, 428 miles in 2006/2007, 515 miles in 2007/2008, and 345 miles last winter.

In 2007, Barb’s college Alma Mater presented Barb and her basketball teammates with their varsity letters to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Title IX, and that is a memory that Barb will always cherish.

A friend recently sent me this link about a study done that suggests those of us that are 50ish are actually living healthier than your average 25 year old. Y’know those little aches we have? They may just be the price we pay for wisdom!

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Maude Loewenstein August 28, 2009 at 7:57 pm

Hello Barbara. This was interesting. Wow!!!! It was so good to see you. Thanks for the lunch. Maude

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