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Bob Meluskey Sr. – Just doing his best and having fun

by Don

Bob Meluskey thowing the shot

Bob Meluskey thowing the shot

Bob Meluskey Sr. is a 57 year old discus, shot put, and javelin thrower from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. Bob has participated in various sports his whole life, including baseball, slow pitch and fast pitch softball, football, basketball, track and field, motors ports racing, hunting, and fishing. Bob very much values his family, which includes his wife of 37 years Sandi, his son Bob Jr., and his granddaughter and fishing partner Samantha. He started competing in master’s track and field at the age of 51, when his wife kidded him that he was over the hill. Far from it. In 2007, Bob was nationally ranked 36th, 15th, and 11th in his age group for the discus, hammer throw, and javelin events respectively. Bob is an industrial maintenance mechanic who loves to work with his hands and mind, and enjoys the camaraderie of master’s athletics.

In our interview Bob shared with me the philosophies he holds that he believes have given him success and the joy that he has gotten from competing on sports over the long haul. I have no doubt that Bob will continue to enjoy success as a master’s athlete, with his family there to cheer him on for many years to come.

You can see the full interview with Bob here.

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Mike Chapman June 5, 2009 at 3:30 pm

Here is a guy that keeps going strong in Track & Field…always up on the throws, and have some very good opinions about the future of USA Track and Field. Figure Bob to be to be out and throwing his best for years to come.
p.s He will do almost anything for a good Philadelphia Cheese Steak Sandwich.

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