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Carol Jean Vosburgh – Better late than never

by Don

The following is a brief profile of one of the interviewees. The full interview and insights will be featured in the upcoming book.
Carol Jean on Her Cross-country Journey

Carol Jean on Her Cross-country Journey

Carol Jean Vosburgh is a 63 year old cyclist who lives in Treasure Island, Florida, and who recently retired from being a Registered Nurse. Carol Jean was a late starter and didn’t take up any sort of sport until she was nearing forty years old. As a single parent of three, Carol Jean was looking for a stress release and had a choice to make. She could either join the crowd at work that went out drinking after work, or she could join the group of people who ran at lunch time. She chose running. While running was hard for her at first, she soon found herself able to run further and further. At 41, Carol Jean entered her first running race, a Thanksgiving day “Turkey Trot, “ and won her age group. She went from never having competed in any sporting event, to winning her first race. Carol loved competing and being around her healthy running friends, especially given the pain, suffering, and death she saw at work. She moved onto doing triathlons and has come to appreciate the diversity that triathlon training offers. Carol Jean eventually qualified for the Kona Ironman.

At age 62, Carol Jean and her husband joined a group of riders in riding the 4,000 miles from the San Francisco bay to the New Hampshire shore, completing the ride in 52 days. Carol Jean does nothing on a small scale.

Carol Jean has worked through many setbacks including open heart surgery at the age of 52. After that event Carol Jean thought that she might never run again, but now she is training to win four or more gold medals at the 2011 Senior Game in Houston, Texas in cycling, running, and the triathlon.


I’ve completed my 33rd interview as of last night, which was a great interview with Dave Dyc, a 71 year old outrigger conoe paddler. I can’t wait to write his profile! The first ten interviews I did are being published in a volume of Dream It, Live It, Love It and will go to print in the next couple weeks. I will make it available in e-book format as well as printed format. Feedback from reviewers thus far has exceeded my expectations. I’m very excited. Keep your eyes open for it.

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Forrest August 9, 2009 at 6:03 pm

Your a “cool” kid CJ. I’m proud to be your brother! Forrest

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