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Chris Scotto DiVetta – Prepare for everything, fear nothing

by Don

The following is a brief profile of one of the 50 interviewees. The full interview as well as insights will be featured in the upcoming book.

Chris Cranking on the Track

Chris Cranking on the Track

Chris Scotto DiVetta is a 52 year old middle distance runner, who lives in Novi, Michigan, and who has managed a demanding career as the COO of a major financial services company. Chris participated in track and field in high school and college, eventually achieving division one All-American status. Early in his career in finance, Chris stopped running altogether, because he was tired of the sport, and was very busy with his work. He found that he could not spend the time to train at the level he needed to in order to improve.

Chris was at his 30th high school reunion, and an old schoolmate was riding Chris about how he had run faster than Chris, and that he could outrun him today. This piqued Chris’s competitive spirit, and Chris challenged him to a race at the 50th annual Bishop Laughlin Games in New York. Chris convinced the organizers to add an alumni 400 meter race to the card, and with little preparation, Chris won the event in 55 seconds. The fire was lit, and that was the beginning of Chris’s master’s running career.

Chris loves master’s track and field, and is inspired by the 70, 80, and 90 year old athletes, and what they can accomplish. Chris is currently pushing to prepare for this year’s national championships, and he will retire from competitive running until his youngest sons tell him to get out of their hair. I’m certainly routing for Chris in this last race, until his next comeback.

I continue to be inspired by the athletes I’m interviewing. I’m also very excited about the e-book I’m pulling together that will contain the first 10 interviews. I hope to have this available in August, so keep you eyes open for it.

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