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Fulfilling My Dream of Meeting Athletes in My Book

by Don

This past week I was in Milpitas, California and took the opportunity to have dinner with three of the people I interviewed for 50 Athletes Over 50. We met at The Diner of Los Gatos and had a great time.

I was running a few minutes late because a previous meeting went long. When I walked in and approached the table where Richard Stiller, Ward Smith, and Dave Dyc sat, I immediately knew it would be a fun night. As it turns out, Dave probably wired Richard’s house when it was built. Just one of many links and memories shared at the table that night.

Richard Stiller, Distance Runner

Richard Stiller, Distance Runner

Richard told me that since our interview, he left his job in HR and is enjoying some decompression time, and running really well!  We had a great chat about our experiences in corporate America and even talked about collaborating on a future book.

Ward Smith, Surfer

Ward Smith, Surfer

Ward shared with us how surfing recently saved his life. He had been out to surf a couple times this fall and winter where he could not paddle all the way out to catch the waves. After the second time this happened he consulted his doctor. Following a series of tests, Ward ended up having cardiac by-pass surgery. Surfing was his stress test and uncovered a hidden health problem. Ward looks fantastic and is looking forward to a surfing trip to Fiji later this year.

Dave Dyc, Outrigger Canoeist

Dave Dyc, Outrigger Canoeist

Dave shared some great stories about being a fireman in San Fransisco during the 1960’s. All shared memories of watching the 49’ers play and the antics in and around the stadium. Dave recalled how he used to sell soda at the stadium and eventually worked his way up to popcorn.

All in all a great night. We’ve already made plans to have dinner in Santa Cruz next time I’m in town.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of the athletes I interviewed. Next time I need to bring a book and begin collecting autographs.

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