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Gale Bernhardt – Following the adventure

by Don


Gale Enjoying the Climb

Gale Bernhardt is a 50 year old self-proclaimed endurance sport junkie, who lives in Loveland, Colorado. Gale, who is an engineer by training, left her job at a major corporation over a decade ago to become a coach and follow her dream. Gale has participated in many sports over the past forty years including triathlons, swimming, cycling, trail running, and skiing. Gale loves participating in sports, and helping people achieve their goals. Her personal sports focus over the past five years has been a 100 mile mountain bike race called the Leadville 100. At the Leadville 100, you need to complete the course in under twelve hours in order to officially complete the race. In her first Leadville 100, Gale approached the finish line with crowds lining the street and a Tour de France like finish, and crossed the line in 11:59.55, a mere five seconds from the cut-off time. That experience hooked Gale to this race, and earned her the prestigious Last Ass Over The Pass Trophy that year, which is one of her most treasured possessions. Gale is currently the 2008 Leadville 100 defending champion, and training for the 2009 race, where she hopes to finish well and strong.

Gale shared with me her love of adventure, and her passion for helping people reach their goals. She is another example of someone who is living the life she loves. I left the interview even more inspired than when we first sat down. It has occurred to me that all the athletes I have interviewed, have extremely positive attitudes, and are the people I want to surround myself with. They have the mindset that I want to always have, the mindset of an athlete.

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