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Jane Welzel – Pure love of running

by Don

Jane Welzel is a 54 year old distance runner who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, and who has been involved in distance running since before the running boom of the 1970’s. Jane, who is originally from Hopkinton, Massachusetts, where the Boston marathon starts, has participated in a long list of sports since her childhood including field hockey, gymnastics, basketball, tennis, swimming, water polo, crew, cross-country, road racing, and track. Jane came to running as her long-term sport quite by chance. At the start of her junior year at University of Massachusetts, Jane was planning on continuing her participation on the swim team. Fortunately, when she arrived on campus that year, two things conspired to unearth for her a sport that she will do her entire life. The pool was under repair, and the school had just added women’s cross-country in response to Title IX legislation that required universities to offer women access to sports on more even footing with that offered to men. Not wanting to get out of shape, Jane started running with the cross-country team, and two weeks later at the first meet, was the school’s top runner. Jane went on to qualify for five Olympic trials in the marathon, run as a professional, and coach at the college level.

Jane has made running an integral part of her life. She is very involved in the local running community, organizes races, and hold workouts every Tuesday that draws runners of all abilities to share her passion for running. She plans on running for the rest of her life, because she just loves to run.

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