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Jim Broun – Hurdling shaped his life

by Don

Jim Broun (far right) Taking the Barriers Head On

Jim Broun (far right) Taking the Barriers Head On

Jim Woolvin Broun is a 57 year old hurdler, who lives in Sarasota Florida, and who once toured the country with the Woolvin James band, opening for artists such as Hank Williams Junior, Johnny Paycheck, and Alabama. Besides being a musician, Jim played various sports for as long as he can remember, including football, baseball, water skiing, snow skiing, cycling, and track. Jim’s elementary school was very close to the high school, and Jim used to love to go watch the high school hurdlers when they practiced. The high school hurdlers adopted Jim as a sort of mascot, and he learned to hurdle when he was in elementary school. Jim hurdled throughout high school and college, until he got a recording contract, and went on the road with his band.

In 2003, Jim by chance saw that a friend of his from college had won the master’s world championship in the high jump. Jim stumbled across and saw the vibrant community of master’s athletes, and decided to hurdle again. It was a long road back for Jim, as he was carrying close to 200 pounds on his 5’9” frame. Jim worked his way back, and in 2006 won the world indoor hurdle championships. Getting back into hurdling has changed Jim’s life, and he absolutely loves master’s track and field.

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