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Jim Morton – Giving it his all

by Don

The following is a brief profile of one of the interviewees. The full interview as well as insights will be published in the upcoming book.


Jim Morton is a 54 year old 400 and 800 meter runner who lives in Springfield, Massachusetts. Jim has participated in sports since he was five or six years old, participating in track, triathlons, and boxing. In high school, Jim always wanted to be a 400 meter runner, but there were many runners faster than him at his school. When he was 49 Jim figured that maybe those guys were gone and that he could be a competitive 400 meter master’s runner. He found that there were still quite a few masters 400 meter runners ahead of him, but that he was one of the fastest 800 meter runners in the country. Jim is a lawyer by training and found his way to being President and CEO of the Greater Springfield YMCA, where he works to improve the lives of youth in the Springfield area. He has established an indoor track team for inner city youth that enables them to train and compete through the winter months, so that they can be competitive in the spring outdoor season. There have been several success stories to come out of this effort including Massachusetts State champions, New England champions, and qualifiers for the Junior Olympics.

In 2005 Jim donated two thirds of his liver to a lifelong friend. He worked long and hard over the past four years to get back in shape and is currently focused on winning the World Indoor and Outdoor 800 meter championships in 2010, and hopes to run the 400 meter as part of a relay team at the World Championships. After all, he just loves to run the 400 meter race.


I’ve completed over 30 interviews and I continue to be inspired by the people I interview. Jim is an example. He not only is an inspiration in his sport, but works very hard to improve the lives of others. We’ve reached the 50 mark in the 50,000 Athlete Challenge, and I continue to get great feedback on how it is already changing people’s lives. I’ve recently found a couple of people who are really jazzed on the concept, and we plan on partnering to put huge energy into promoting the Challenge. Stay tuned for more on that topic.


A few weeks ago I was interviewed on a radio show and spoke about Dream It, Live It, Love It, as well as the 50K Athlete Challenge. For a couple more days you can downoad and listen to the interview at the two links below:


I will also be interviewed on Monday August 3rd at 11:45am Mountain (1:45pm Eastern) on the Growing Bolder Radio Show ( I’m excited to get the word out about the book and the 50K Athlete Challenge, especially given that I’m getting close to publishing the first 10 interviews in a volume I’m calling “Setting The Pace.” When through one more round of editing it will go to print and I’ll make available on this site as an e-book.


Get out there and live it!

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Eric Bucher August 6, 2009 at 9:27 am

Nice write-up on James. However, you have his name slightly wrong — it is James Morton.

don August 6, 2009 at 7:29 pm

Thanks and I’ll fix.

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