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Kim Williams – Loves trying new things

by Don

The following is a brief profile of one of the interviewees. The full interview and insights will be published in the upcoming book.

Kim High Jumping

Kim High Jumping

Kim Williams is a 54 year old sprinter and jumper from Portland Maine, whose school while growing up didn’t offer much in the way of sports opportunities for girl. While Kim did play basketball and softball in high school, she didn’t discover her passion for track and field until she was in her fifties. Kim started running in her forties when she was inspired by a group of runners at work that would run at lunch time every day. She thought it looked like a good thing to do, so she one day she hopped on the treadmill and ran for 20 minutes. She remembers telling one of the women who ran that she ran for twenty minutes, and the woman told her that she was off to a great start. That small bit of encouragement changed Kim’s life. She started running and went on to do road races until in 2006, when she discovered the sprints and jumping events in track and field.

A fellow runner told Kim she would be a great addition to their company’s corporate track team, so she started running the mile and two mile races. Kim entered some shorter races to gain points for the team, and discovered that she was quite talented. She broke the team record for the 100 meter run in her fourth 100 meter race. Since then, Kim has taken up high jumping, hurdling, and even experimented with the javelin throw. Kim loves to learn and try new things, and hopes someday to compete in the pentathlon.

You can see the complete interview with Kim here.

We are all lucky and blessed to have discovered activities that we deriive so much health and joy from. I was interviewing Rich Davis, who is a triathlete, and he said that he recently called the coach that got him interested in swimming when he was very young, and thanked him for shaping his life. I thought, wow, we should all do that. So my call to action for those who read and follow this blog is for each of us to find the contact info for at least one of the coaches or inspiring people who changed our lives, and call them and tell them what you have done and how much you appreciate what they did for you. Just imagine how good it would feel if you received such a call. They deserve that feeling multiplied by 1000. Do it. Dot it today. Don’t wait. We are forever grateful to those that introduced us to things that shaped us in such significant ways.

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Jerry Smartt July 22, 2009 at 6:43 pm

Kim Williams was my cyber coach. She sent along some terrific training advice that propelled me to 4 gold and 1 silver at the USATF Masters Nationals. I’ll take her advice with me to the Worlds in Finland . Thanks, Kim, for the help.

Jerry Smartt
1956 Olympic Team
1st alternate 10,000 M
1958 US vs USSR
Moscow 10,000 M

don July 22, 2009 at 10:33 pm

Awesome Jerry. Good luck!

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