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Linda Quirk – Dream Big!

by Don

I’m excited that my first book, featuring 10 interviews with athletes over 50, is finished and available. I might have been voted amongst the least likely to write  a book in my high school class, but so far the feedback I’ve received from people who’ve read it has been fantastic! You can order it as e-book or paperback on this page.

Happy in My Basement Climbing Gym

Happy in My Basement Climbing Gym

The following is a brief profile of one of the interviewees in the upcoming book, Dream It, Live It, Love It. The full intreview and insights gained by the author will be shared in the book to be published at a future date. To see future interviewee profiles via email and to stay updated on the status of the book, use the widget at the bottom right of this page to subscribe.

Linda Training for Life

Linda Training for Life


Linda Quirk is a 56 year old marathon runner who splits her time between her homes in California and Jacksonville, Florida. Linda has been active her whole life, but had not participated in competition until, at age 35, her brother asked her if she wanted to do a marathon with him. Not a 10k or a 5k, but a marathon. They ran their first marathon together that year, and Linda was immediately hooked. Linda went on to run a number of marathons, eventually taking up Ironman triathlons. A bad cycling accident in 2005 had Linda returning to marathons as her primary activity, and boy did she! In 2008-2009, Linda ran 7 marathons on 7 continents, and raised $294,000 to help people who could not afford the alcohol and drug treatment they needed. Linda has made fundraising for the Caron Foundation her life’s purpose, and continues to dream big. In 2010, Linda will be raising finds by running across four of the world’s major deserts. Wow!

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Carol Montgomery costa August 1, 2014 at 9:42 pm

Linda is a childhood friend, she has always had fantastic energy, and full of positive dreams, I have not seen her for many years, I have had the same problem with my older son, in rehab twice over, after finding her in the news, nothing surprises me, she is a beautiful women, and is an honor to know. Good luck swimming partner, and family friend!! Thank you for helping others. Your friend carol

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