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Merrill Schwartz – Be Committed and Follow Through

by Don

The following is a brief profile of one of the interviewees in the upcoming book, Dream It, Live It, Love It. The full intreview and insights gained by the author will be shared in the book to be published at a future date. To see future interviewee profiles via email and to stay updated on the status of the book, use the widget at the bottom right of this page to subscribe.

Merrill with Two of his Sons

Merrill with Two of his Sons

Merrill Schwartz is a 67 year old triathlete who lives and practices law in San Francisco, California. Merrill started cycling when he was in his thirties in an effort to lose weight. He found it much easier to increase his activity level rather than eat less, because he really likes to eat. Later, with four young boys in the family and a busy law practice, Merrill picked up running so that he could get a higher intensity workout in a shorter amount of time. About 17 years ago, Merrill’s son Brian was volunteering at a triathlon, and Merrill figured that he cycled and ran, so why not do a triathlon. He now loves the diversity in training that triathlon training offers.

Merrill was green long before it was fashionable. He has been cycling to work for over 40 years. Each day, he rides his folding bike 3 miles to the train, takes it onto the train, then rides 4 miles from the train station to his office. Merrill is as committed to cycling to work, as he is to his family and his clients. Merrill considers his greatest achievement as running with each of his four sons when they did their first marathons.

In an upcoming post I’ll give an update on recent activities of some of the folks I’ve interviewed. I know that some of them have done some very cool events. Big weeks of interviews the next couple weeks, and I’m looking forward to every single one.

On September 9th I’ll be attending a workshop hosted by Brian Schwartz, the originator of the 50 Interviews concept, and I’ll share with others my experiences in interviewing people that I would like to be when I grow up; the 50 athletes over 50. Writing this book is an incredible journey that I did not foresee when I started the project. I’ve had the opportunity to have one on one conversations with people who have done extraordinary things, and live the kind of life that I want for myself. The athletes I’ve interviewed have made it clear to me that we can all benefit from running our engine hotter, and this inspired me to create the 50-K Active-Athlete Challenge, which has the goal of recruiting 50,000 people to adopt some of the healthy habits of the athletes I’ve interviewed. See more at Over the upcoming weeks I will feature some of the people who have joined the Challenge, with the hope of inspiring others to join. I will also be looking for people who want to help the cause by moderating a forum on a soon to go live 50-k Active-Athlete Challenge website, which will seek to provide a focal point for the community of people who join the Challenge and want to change thier lives and the lives of others.

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Alan schwartz August 24, 2009 at 2:03 pm

Yo Pa is a bad ass! Can’t wait for the book to come out

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