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Sandy Scott – Never, ever give up

by Don

Sandy Scott Digs Deep

Sandy Scott Digs Deep

Sandy Scott is a colorful 69 year old elite cyclist who resides in Seminole, Florida, and who has managed to pack so much into his life that its density approaches that of a black hole, pulling you toward him to hear his stories. Sandy had a varied professional career, at one time or another being a police officer, in the military, a commercial airline pilot, a corporate sales executive, and an entrepreneur. Of all these, Sandy loved being a pilot the most, and because of this, says he would have done it for free. Sandy also has many other interests including chess, collecting all kinds of things, amateur radio, playing drums, martial arts, photography, skydiving, high-fidelity audio, logic puzzles, motorcycling, electronics, running, tennis, golf, and of course cycling.

Sandy participated at competitive levels in sports most of his life, winning national master’s titles in road racing and cross-country in his late thirties and early forties. Sandy started cycling at age 64, when his now fiancé Rosie, a competitive cyclist in her own right, dropped by his house and told him that she had two bikes and a picnic lunch, and that they were going for a ten mile ride. Sandy had a blast that day, and bought a bike the next week. He found that he had a talent for cycling, and within 9 months of that first ride, had turned in the fastest 10K time of the day in his first race. The rest is history.

Days before this interview, Sandy won the Florida state 20K time trial title, breaking the record he set last year by 18 seconds. This is an amazing feat given that at age 65 he had a horrific cycling accident that resulted in a fracture of his C1 vertebra, which is often fatal. To hear a radio interview with Sandy, where he talks about this, go to

Sandy’s dream is to win four gold medals at the Senior Olympics in 2011 in Houston, Texas. He also wishes that all people can get to understand that growing older can be a fantastic experience if you lift weights, eat right, get aerobic exercise, have good relationships, have goals, exercise your mind, have a positive outlook, and get regular medical checkups. Sandy is having a blast.


If you are an athlete 50 or over and interested in being interviewed, please email me at

Talking to Sandy Scott gave me the idea of possibly interviewing athletic couples or small families where at least one person is over 50 years old, to understand how playing together has affected their lives.

If you are in or know of couples or a small family that play sports together, please email me at

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Kim Bush June 6, 2009 at 12:29 pm

My Dad rocks and I am very proud to be his daughter. He has such determination and strength of body and mind. I hope everyone who reads this article about Sandy Scott, enjoys it as much as I do as it makes me realize getting older can be the best days of your life.

Ian Ray June 13, 2009 at 4:28 pm

Who says that being a hard ass doesn’t pay off?

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