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Carl Bamforth – Living his dream

by Don

Carl in the Curve

Carl in the Curve

Carl Bamforth is a 51 year old highly motivated and competitive in-line distance speed skater, who lives in the “Garden City” of Victoria British Columbia. Carl has participated in various sports at different times since age 16 including soccer, running, hockey, baseball, cycling, triathalons, as well as in-line skating. In his early 40s Carl tried on a pair of in-line skates, and never looked back. Carl is currently focused on training to set the over 50 world records for the 1 hour, 6 hour, 12 hour, and 24 hour events. If you want to be inspired to up the ante in your training, visit a log of Carl’s weight workouts on I read a bit of it, and it opened my eyes. He also routinely does 50km to 80kn skates that take 2.5-3 hours.

The interview with Carl was great, and I’m looking forward to working on the copy for the book. One thing that Carl said in particular struck me because of his unique perspective. As a carpet and upholstery cleaning professional, Carl is in the homes of retired people often. What he sees on a daily basis is how most people lose what we as athletes consider the most basic physical capabilities by their 60s. These daily reminders fuel Carl’s motivation to train the way he does, to not only set the world records he seeks, but to live a strong, long, and purposeful life.

If I had to bet on whether Carl will set the four world record he wants or not, my money would be on Carl. Go man!

You can see the full interview with Carl here.

By the way this morning I was at the gym working out and running a bit late, having a meeting at 7:30am. I was thinking of skipping the final exercise, the dreaded 500m rowing sprint. Something that Carl said to me came to me. He said he doesn’t cheat himself by cutting workouts short. This got me to push on and do the sprint. Boy, that felt good. Thanks Carl!

If you are an athlete 50 or over and interested in being interviewed, please email me

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