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Terry Peterson – Not too old or two tired

by Don

Terry Peterson getting air

Terry Peterson getting air

Listen to Don’s actual interview with Terry:

Terry Peterson is a 53 year old mountain unicyclist from Redondo Beach, California, who has what I’ll call a “nuclear” personality. His energy and passion for MUni, as its called, is palpable even over the phone. Terry participated in running and golf over the years, but only came to MUni about three and a half years ago. Terry found that in his late forties he had gained weight, had high cholesterol, and got winded very easily. Tuning and servicing pianos at his business had him fairly sedentary during much of his workday. Running bothered his knees, bicycling seemed boring, swimming was inconvenient, and he was searching for what to do. Bingo, he stumbled on a website,, and he was amazed to see how far the advances in unicycles had come since he last rode one in his teens. Fast forward to today, Terry is a sponsored, and extremely accomplished MUni rider. MUni has become an integral part of his life, and he has extensive footage of his riding on his website, Since he started riding MUni he lost 31 pounds of fat, went from a 34” to a 29” waist, and is in the best shape of his life.

Since childhood Terry has been very hyperactive, with some difficultly completing at least some of the more mundane sort of tasks. Better known today by the acronym, ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Terry feels it doesn’t hinder him. Terry considers ADHD a blessing in disguise in that it allows him to get hyper-focused on things he really likes, like MUni. Terry thinks ADHD has influenced his creative nature. Terry also writes music, composes videos, draws, acted, did ventriloquism, used to DJ, and can pick up instruments and play them without instruction.

Terry has received hundreds of emails and letters from people who see his website, or see an interview with him on radio or TV. A common theme in the letters is that the writer thought they were too old to ride, and that after seeing him, say they need to rethink this.

I really enjoyed the interview with Terry, and think you’ll enjoy it in the book.

If you are an athlete 50 or over and interested in being interviewed, please email me

I’m finding that I’m having a harder time finding women athletes to interview. I know you’re out there.

I want to make sure I feature a good mix of amazing men and women on this blog and in my book, so please if you are a women athlete over 50 who has a passion for your sport, email me at If privacy is a concern, I will keep your personal info private, and you can use a pen name.

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