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Ward Smith – Surf Now!

by Don

The following is a brief profile of one of the interviewees in the upcoming book, Dream It, Live It, Love It. The full intreview and insights gained by the author will be shared in the book to be published at a future date. To see future interviewee profiles via email and to stay updated on the status of the book, use the widget at the bottom right of this page to subscribe.

Ward in the Pipe

Ward in the Pipe



Ward Smith – Surf Now!

Ward Smith is a 61 year old surfer from Aptos, California, which is in the Santa Cruz mountains. Ward came from an active and resourceful family. He remembers water skiing when he was six years old, although his family didn’t own a boat. Ward’s father knew lots of people, and the family got to take part in many fun activities, and this has shaped Ward’s life. Living very near the beach gave Ward lots of opportunity to do watersports. He surfed on rubber matts at Huntington Beach when he was six or seven years old, and has many fond memories. Ward remembers going to see the surfer movies like Gidget, and those made by Bud and Bruce Brown, with the family coming home buzzing. These movies, and the love of the water, had Ward wanting to learn to surf, and his parents were very supportive. When he bought his first surf board, they all had fun with it, first in the pool, then at the beach. He remembers the first time that he went to the beach to surf with his new board. He didn’t know that there were not always waves, so he ended up hilariously sitting on his board in calm water, never catching a single wave.

Ward has surfed ever since, and has even shaped his career around his love of surfing. Ward taught in the California public schools for a number of years, and 18 years ago worked with other teachers and parents to form Alternative Family Education, which administers homeschooling. Ward loves the fact that working with the school gives him the flexibility to surf more often when the surfing is good.

Ward has a license plate that sums up his approach to life – “SURF NOW.”


I’m in the process of arranging interviews with people who have taken the 50-K Active Challenge (, and I’m really looking forward to telling their stories. I’m sure their stories will inspire many others to join.


The book containing the first ten interviews (Dream It, Live It, Love It: Setting The Pace) is at the printer, and will be available in early September. I will make it available in electronic and paperback forms on this site, so keep checking!

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