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Wish you were all there

by donmcgrath

On October 24th, I held a book signing and 50-k Active/Athlete launch event at my wife Sylvia’s restaurant, the Cilantro Grill, in Fort Collins, Colorado. The event was a blast!

50-k launch event

Sue, Sue, and Sue

50-k launch event

Take The Challenge Video

50-k lauch event

Syl and Don

50-k launch event

Don, Tracy, and Reu Celebrating

book signing

Don Busy Signing Dream It, Live It, Love It

There were about 35 people at the event including friends, supporters, athletes that I interviewed, and representatives from local businesses and organizations interested in the 50-k Active/Athlete Challenge. It was great to meet and visit with all those who came.

I showed a video that I made to promote the 50-k Challenge that I call “Take The Challenge.” This video features pictures and sound bites from people I interviewed for my next book about athletes over 50. The tentative title for the book is, ”Lessons for a Strong, Healthy Life from 50 Athletes Over 50: Dream It, Live It, Love It.” You can see the “Take The Challenge” video at If you like it, please forward the link to others and encourage them to join the Challenge, which asks people of all ages to make a pledge for a more active life.

I’ve been making great progress on my next book, which will feature all 50 athletes that I interviewed, and I’m hoping to release it by March 2010. It hit me the other night how saying yes to doing this book has changed my life. It reminded me of the movie “Yes Man, ” with Jim Carey, where the main character begins saying “yes” to everything and everyone, with astounding results. While I haven’t taken it to the extreme shown in the movie, I have said yes to quite a number of things that a year ago, I probably would have said no to or not responded to at all. Beyond saying yes to doing the book, I said yes to having a meeting with Tracy and Reu (in the picture above), when they were interested in helping me with what was then the 50,000 Athlete Challenge. This has led to our partnership in taking the idea I had and making it real. I said yes to a woman from a production company who was looking for help finding information about senior athletes for a documentary she was proposing to the BBC. The documentary has been given the green light by the BBC and they are looking for sites in the US to film in 2010, and the production company has continued to engage me in assisting. I said yes to having a meeting with Chuck Richards about helping him with his X-Treme Challenge business, and tonight we meet to discuss a possible “Playshop” that I hope to hold in December. Try saying “YES” to things that come your way this week. You never know where it will lead.

I came across the following interview with Dr. Vonda Wright concerning the needs of masters athletes and thought you might find it interesting. I’m hoping to speak with Dr. Wright and learn from her.

I heard from Helen Geoffrion that back in September she placed 3rd in the World Triathlon Championships. Congrats Helen!

Terry Peterson continues to make cool Unigeezer videos. This is my favorite so far.

Cheryl Ragsdale, a 51 year old martial artist who I interviewed back in October, sent me this post that shows dreaming big gone awry.

Dream Big! ……But not THAT Big!

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